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50 AMP Supply to the brew rig. It was purpose built from the ground up over a 4 year period to be a No Sparge a.k.a. (BIAB) system. 3 batches made so far with each batch better than the previous. 75% efficiency without adding any additional base malts (I just follow) the recipe "as is". Currently making all beers using the recipe's found in Jamil's book - Brewing Classic Styles (80 styles).

Boiling Equipment: 5500 Watt - 15.5 Gallon Keggle
Beer Bottling Gear: Bench Top Capper
Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: 7.9 Gallon Speidel Plastic Tank
Wort Chillers: SS Plate Chiller - 30 Plates
Plumbing, Pumps and Hardware: 100% hard plumb (copper & stainless) CIP system, March high-flow pumps, in-line strainer, in-line strike water heater (4500 watts), and external HERMS coil.
Measuring, Testing,& Stirring Devices: Hydrometer and Refractometer
Yeast Equipment: 2000ml flask and magnetic stir plate
Cleansers and Sanitizers: Five Star - PBW and Sanitizer
Can you tell me more about your CIP? how do you get the leftovers out of the kettle when you are done? how do you clean the SS filter on the right? I have something similar but it seems I have to break everything down to get it all clean... esp the SS filter.
I really like your Tel-Tru setup. I'd like to run something similar between my HERMS kettles so I can measure the temp going in and out of the coil.
Could you tell me what model/version of the Tel-Tru you're running, as well as the 4-way adapter its fitting into?
I'd love to know more about your set-up and take a look at your parts list if you have one. Seems like a really elegant 2 vessel system. I'm curious about doing something similar.