Brew Rig - Cranbrook Brewing Setup

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Large brew setup for less then $2k. Wharehouse pallet racking was an ideal choice for stand. One end piece cut in half and 5 spreaders made for a cheap stand
Boiling Equipment: 3-330,000 but jet burners keep things moving along
Beer Bottling Gear: Silicone hose from draft tap
Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: 55 galling plastic drum
Wort Chillers: Blichamann as seen, have moved to jaded style for ease of cleaning
Plumbing, Pumps and Hardware: March steel head, Blichmann Boilermaker mash, used tea tree oil barrels for boil and hwt
Measuring, Testing,& Stirring Devices: Wood paddle, refractometer, ph meter
Yeast Equipment: Homemade stirplate
Cleansers and Sanitizers: PBW and star san