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Burch Brew 2.0 is a 10 gallon, single tier electric brew rig. PID controlled 5500w elements in the boil kettle and hot liqueur tank and a HERMS setup for the Mash Lauter Tun. Using 2 x Chugger pumps with the poly heads for transferring (upgrade to stainless eventually) and a copper CFC. Using 3 x 16 gallon SS Bayou Classic kettles. Put the system together myself but did purchase a DIY kit for the panel, too many pieces to get right. Its similar to a Kal clone, or at least inspired by that setup. I've brewed 3 batches so far and learned a few lessons, which isn't that unusual on a new setup (i think). I like to call it my 1/3 barrel Brewery, since measuring things is bbl is always better.

Boiling Equipment: 3 x 16 Gallon Bayou Classic Kettles, 2 x 5500W Elements, Kal Clone control panel, SS mesh Hop basket
Beer Bottling Gear: Good old brew bucket and 6 5 gallon kegs
Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: SSBrewTech 7.5 gallon brew bucket, BMB 6.5 Gallon and a glass 6.5 gallon carboy along with a fermentation fridge with Ranco controller
Wort Chillers: Copper CFC
Plumbing, Pumps and Hardware: 1/2" silicon hoses with SS camlock quick disconnects, 2 x Chugger pumps with poly heads, carbon block water filter for city water
Measuring, Testing,& Stirring Devices: Refractometer, high precision hydrometers, PH meter, electric thermometer, spoon and whisk
Yeast Equipment: 2 liter flask w/ stirbar and a DIY stir plate, O2 bottle with SS defustion stone
Cleansers and Sanitizers: PBW, Starsan