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When a water supply pipe burst in the ceiling of a basement storage room, I had to completely demolish it & rebuild. Rather than build another storage room, I tried to convince my wife to let me turn it into a brewing room. After a single visit to Bryan Rabe's basement brewery, she was convinced & the build was approved.

It's been through a couple different configuration changes & revisions.
At the moment, it's powered by simple PID controller & 220V receptacle.
All liquid transfers are currently manual, until I receive my Brewtroller Phoenix & revamp the entire brewery.
Boiling Equipment: Keggle with 4500 watt electric element
Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: Buckets, PET carboys, Temp controlled chest freezer
Wort Chillers: 20' copper chiller
Cleansers and Sanitizers: PBW/Starsan