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Brew Rig information. HLT-15 Gallon Polar Ware-5500w low density element-Temp/Level Sensor-3 piece ball valveMT-15 Gallon Polar Ware-False Bottom-Temp/Level Sensor-3 piece ball valveBK-15 Gallon Polar Ware-5500w low density element-Hop Basket-Bazooka tube-Temp/Level Sensor-3 piece ball valveControl Panel (www.thebrewbox.us)-Built by a friend of mine. Software controls the heaters, and pumps, reads in the level and temp sensors, it also does all the common brew day math like calculating strike water temperature and volume.Fermenters2x SS Brewtech 14 gallon conical fermenters w/ FTSS control (www.ssbrewtech.com)

4 Perlick 630 Faucets
Accessories:2x Chugger Pumps1x Plate Chiller2x 3-way ball valves to allow 2 pumps to recirculate hlt, mt, and bkxx - Quick disconnect fittings7ft Condensation Hood700 CFM Fan w/ speed control
Boiling Equipment: 5500 W Low Density Element
Beer Bottling Gear: Keg
Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: SS Conical
Wort Chillers: Blichmann
Plumbing, Pumps and Hardware: Homemade