Brew Rig - Aces Club Basketball Hoop Brewing Setup

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So, after looking at the simple setup that WortMonger uses for his 3-tier system (i.e., one center steel tube with the kegs bolted to it), I was looking at building one. This is when I noticed the already installed, 9' tall steel tube in my driveway. Is there any reason I couldn't just drill holes into the existing basketball post for the bolted keg attachments and use it as a brew stand? The only issue I can think of off-hand is that the paint that it is currently coated with may not stand up to the heat.
Boiling Equipment: Converted sanke keg
Beer Bottling Gear: Bottling bucket and wand
Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: Carboys and buckets
Wort Chillers: DIY copper chiller
Plumbing, Pumps, and Hardware: None