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For Sale Brew Magic RIMS by Sabco V350MS. $4500. Western, Mass. Pick-up.

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Jul 12, 2020
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For the home brewer that wants to take their all-grain brewing to the next level. The Brew-Magic is a RIMS brewery design that is quite special. 5-14 Gallon capacity. Computer controlled. Repeatable small batch brewing is difficult because damages to the wort and grain happen easily when temperature controls, wort handling and brewer enthusiasm can produce subtle variables with each brewing session. Pumps move the liquids throughout the process starting with the hot liquor tank, mash tun, and boil kettle all integrated. Temperatures can be completely controlled (especially mashing). Easy to roll and super easy clean up. Consistent results and better sanitation. Powered by a small propane tank (same size as for grilling). With this system, I won medals at homebrew competitions. Letting it go due to job change. Buyer pickups or covers shipping. If needed it fits a 5 ft x 8 ft utility trailer, $20-30 a day rental from UHaul.

Brewed about 20 total batches and meticulously cared for/stored indoors
Retails for $6995
Pro-level all grain brewing
Cover and manual included
Pilot system for recipe development
Brewing Capacity: 5-14 gallons per batch
Heavy-duty stainless, 15.5 gallon kettles with handles
Stainless, 1/2 in. Pharmaceutical quality Tri-Clamp Connectors
Commercial duty, powder coat, baked enamel frame
Frame Casters: Heavy duty swivel, two of the four are locking type (4.5″ T)
Propane (LP)
Vision 350 Touchscreen controller, 3-1/2 in. screen, 256 color, QVGA , Industrial type
Manufactured in Toledo, OH by SABCO
Dimensions: 67.5 L x 62.5 H x 20 W in.
Weight: 289 lbs.