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Aug 11, 2009
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Ocean City
I've been an extract brewer for 2 years and am finally working on moving to all grain, though there are some logistical issues I'm working through and hoping some people could shed light on. I'm in a 1 bedroom apartment and have had no problem boiling 4 gallons of wort on my gas stove top in a 5 gallon SS kettle. The 5 gallon kettle was over 1 and a half burners and came to a rolling boil in about 35 minutes. Now that I'm moving to all grain I'm going to buy a much larger pot so I can fit a full 7 or 8 gallons in. My question is what pot should I get and will I be able to bring 7 or 8 gallons to a boil? Right now I'm leaning towards the MoreBeer 15 gallon heavy duty pot with the welded attachments. It's 18 inches in diameter as opposed to the 12 inch diameter 5 gallon pot I have now, and it should be able to hit at least part of all 4 burners. Does anyone else boil these kind of quantities indoors and if so what pot do you use? I would love to be able to brew outdoors but I'm in Philadelphia and have no backyard or porch, so I'm stuck indoors. My assumption is that 7 gallons in a 15 gallon pot that hits most of all 4 burners should boil fine, but I wanted to through my situation out there to see what others think. Thanks in advance for any help!