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Mar 12, 2007
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I had a close call yesterday. Got everything laid out for a partial mash witbier, but needed the wheat LME. FedEx showed that it would be delivered from Midwest yesterday. They usually come in the morning, but didn’t show until 5:30PM! Didn't get to pitch until 10:00PM.

Anyway, this was my first time using Breiss LME. When I placed the order with Midwest I didn’t look closely at the picture and was surprised by what came.

Does anyone know if this is actually a Breiss product with a Midwest label? They might buy in bulk and repackage, but it would be nice if it mentioned Breiss on the label. Or does Midwest buy from some other outside source (what ever is cheap and available) and use a generic label?
I doubt Midwest would risk selling anything other than Breiss under that name. Since it isn't the only LME they sell, it's reasonable for them to just use one package label for everything.
They most likely buy it in the 640 pound drums and repackage it. That is the way it's the most cost effective.
Why don't you just go to their website and ask them?

Yeah, I plan to do that. Because of Sunday and the holiday weekend, I thought here would be a good place to start and also give others something to consider when buying.
I buy my Breiss LMS from my LHBS, and they purchase the 55 gallon drums, and then repackage the exact amount that I request. They don't even put the nice label on like yours has, they just use a sharpie to write in the lid of the jug.

Its all good...