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Sep 13, 2008
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Woodland Park, CO
I'm thinking about brewing a cranberry braggot for my wedding. I'm curious what the general consensus here is on how popular a braggot would be for the general population. Is it worth it or should I brew something else? I thought I would at least brew something exotic and not something they can get everyday. We will only be having 38 guests and there will be other beer and wine choices. This brew will be one bottle for each person. I've never had a braggot and am not sure what kind of flavor to expect. Thanks for the input.

I don't understand people who brew for others, i barely make enough for my own good. :)

Keep in mind that most people might react in the most awkward ways to things they are not familiar with, (BMC crowd) so you might be heading for a deception.
I agree, a good strong braggot might be too much for some people, so it depends on your guests. Then again, it's your wedding, so have it the way you want it! I'm brewing a huge barleywine for mine, which is in Nov. BTW, congrats!

I have yet to taste a braggot, but what I would suggest is doing the following:
Make one batch of a fairly light "transition" beer, like a blonde, Koelsch or cream ale, and one batch of the braggot. Almost everyone, even BMC drinkers, will like the light ales I mentioned, and it may make your guests less skeptical about trying the braggot. I am sure most of them will be positively surprised!
Braggots are not always popular with the masses.
It's too weird for most folks.

I love braggots. But I am certifiably insane in most states.

My friend is getting married next month. I shipped 2 cases of Santa Cruz Mountain Mead to him.
If I was doing a beer... It'd be a Hefeweizen.

Light beers are more easily accepted by people used to Bud.
Plus my Hefe rocks... :rockin:
Perhaps a mead with an ale yeast? I've done a batch of light wildflower honey with 1056 american ale yeast, and it is without a doubt the best mead I've ever had. Easily approachable by non-mead drinkers. It doesn't have to be very strong either, if you make it about 10% abv it will be drinkable in a few months. Either that or a light ale made with honey. The honey will lighten the body and make it dryer, the BMC crowd might dig that.
I suspect most of it will get dumped. Any braggot will be a tough sell and the cranberries will give you a sour tough sell.