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Ivan (Jungle Rat)

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Aug 13, 2018
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Hi guys, how are you today?

I wonder if any of you could help me in this case XD!

I'm planning to brew a Belgian Pale Ale style with a medium citrusy flavor and aroma! I'm new in brewing large batches, and I'm trying to figure how to have a "shy, little citrusy characteristic" in my beer.

The size of my batch is 270 liters (~71 gallons). I'm thinking, for my objective, in two ways: the first one is using about 600 grams (~1,3 pounds) of Citra hop in Whirpool only, and about 250 g of Galaxy hop (~0,55 pounds) in Dry Hopping.

On the other hand, I thought in using 50 grams of Citra (0.11 pounds) in a 60 minute boil, plus 500 grams of Citra (1.10 pounds) in Whirpool. Then, I add the 250 g/0.55 lb Galaxy in Dry Hopping.

I hope to achieve around 24 ~26 IBU.

Can you guys give me any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

Happy brews!
A Belgian beer, whatever it might be, it's Belgian because you use a Belgian yeast strain, which will result in specific Belgian aromas and flavours. These can be really strong at times, which weirdly enough people want to dull by adjusting fermentation temperature - maybe they don't want belgian beer, and they don't know it -.

Anyway, Citra and Galaxy sounds nice. I can't really say if the hop amount is OK, but you should use something like 10-15 gr hops / l to achieve a somewhat OK hop presence.
Mr. thehaze, thank you for your reply!

I was thinking about a proportion for the hop use just to "feel the hop flavor in the beer". Unluckily, I couldn't find that proportion anywhere. But now that you said 10 - 15 grams / l, it clarifies and helps me a lot!

Unfortunately, taking into consideration what you said, I think I will only know the exact quantity of hop when I brew the beer, because as far as I know, a beer with low IBU and high hop flavor are very hard to achieve

About the yeast, I'm using S-33 from Safale, which gives a nice peppery and fruity notes, so I think i'm in "good hands".

Anyway, thank you mr. thehaze!

Happy brews!

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