Bourbon into the keg?

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Jun 7, 2015
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Whats up HBT!
Got a question for you guys. I brewed a dry Irish stout 3 weeks ago. OG 1.046 FG 1.020. Yeah, I thought it would finish lower as well. Well it's all carbed up right now and I'm drinking a glass. Pretty sweet tasting and pretty low alcohol.... Not my proudest brewing accomplishment. So out of curiousity I throw a splash of Four Roses Single Barrel bourbon in my glass and now I'm IN HEAVEN. It tackles the sweetness and kicks it up a notch I AM IN LOVE haha. So can I just throw 12 ozs in the keg and call it a bourbon stout or is there a reason they suggest adding bourbon in secondary? On my way to the garage right now to make me another one!
Thanks haha I was hoping that would be the answer. So let me also back track and say I understand why people secondary with bourbon and oak to let all those flavors "blend". I get that. But even throwing a splash into my glass didn't seem like the flavors were "separate". It just seems too easy to throw 12 ozs of bourbon into a keg to doctor up a batch.
They probably suggest adding bourbon to the secondary to allow it more time to mature/blend. But, if it tastes good - go for it right in the keg.
Yeah I actually split the batch into two 2.5 gallon kegs. I kept adding bourbon to taste to the one keg. So far I'm at 8 ounces (in 2.5 gallons) and it still doesn't have a bourbon "bite"... Just real smooth. I think the key is adding quality whiskey. Four Roses Single Barrel is by far my favorite so far. Real smooth despite the fact that it's 100 proof. This is my first year brewing and I have to say I like to experiment with different additions but splitting a batch and having the "control" to make reference to seems to be the best way to learn and not spoil a 5 gallon batch.