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Iowa Bottoms Up Beer Dispensers - Used, Untested - $100

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Bryce Brewer

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Feb 12, 2020
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I'm looking to sell a lot of Bottoms Up Beer Dispensers that I purchased from an auction house. They were from an event center in Rock Island, IL that pulled them out when changing ownership. My plan was originally to go through and refurbish/test them and replace items and gaskets as needed and sell on eBay but I became too busy with all my other projects (including my priority of finishing my basement remodel so I can brew again). If I were to go through and test/fix these, I would look to sell them for closer to $400 per tap versus the $100 here.

These are pretty cool dispensers that you may have come across at events. These work by using special reusable or disposable glasses with a hole in the bottom for pouring from the bottom up with a magnet that covers the hole after. You can buy glasses and even custom design the magnets with your brewery logo at a reasonable price ($20 for 120 magnets). They say the magnets are single serve but I don't see why you couldn't hand wash them and reuse them. Here is a link to the website: Beers That Fill from the Bottom | Bottoms Up Draft Beer Systems | United States

I currently have:
  • 1 X 4 Tap Dispenser ($400) - SOLD
  • 16 11 x 2 Tap Dispensers ($200/EA)
  • 12 x 1 Tap Dispensers ($100/EA)
  • +$25 Shipping to continental US - Regardless of quantity/size ordered
I'm also open to a deal if buying all from someone a little more ambitious than I am able to be currently.

These are the countertop models so if you have a kegerator (or if there aren't any refrigerant lines to worry about in the lid of your keezer), these would sit on top with beer lines running up to them. If you have a keezer, I would see these as sitting on top of the keezer with hoses coming up through the collar on the back and insulated/shrouded on the way to the tap.

I want to emphasize that these are not tested by me. I assume they were working when removed from the event center. However, most of them do not have a power supply, I can provide the power supply specs when I get home but there is a unique connector I have not been able to identify when I looked originally.

Work that I would see needing to be done on all units:
  • Clean Unit
  • Replace Hoses
  • Source power supply (from Bottoms Up or elsewhere)
  • Order cups and magnets
  • Clean with normal line cleaner
  • Troubleshoot problems (Bottoms Up does have a lot of good videos on setting these up, troubleshooting, replacing parts, etc)
  • Setting dispense levels for small/medium/large (IE 8 oz, 16 oz, Pitcher) by testing with cheap beer or water in a keg
These retail "turnkey" for $3000/line per their website but that is with a lot of extras that we wouldn't need as homebrewers. So say that is $1500 for the hardware, this would be less than 7% of list price. If you can't get it working or need to replace a part, I'll try to work with you to reach a fair resolution where we are both happy. These should be purchased by somebody who is handy and likes to tinker.

Are these necessary? Absolutely not. Will you have the coolest kegerator out of all of your homebrew buddies? Probably

I'll update with pictures and more information that I think of in the coming days or upon request if I don't get around to it.


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If I lived in USA instead of an igloo in Caada I would order one to play with. Shipping across vorder is a turkey I guess from dog sled elivery charges!
I would love to buy a couple of single dispensers from you if you still have any how would I get ahold of you?
Good morning, the Bottoms Up beer dispensers are still available. Let me know how many you would want. I'll send you a PM to discuss further. Thanks!
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OK, so that would be so cool. I am thinking, would it fit over the hole in the kegerator where the tower comes out? If I could replace the tower I think my wife would probably be very happy. LOL. And I could have the cool "wow" factor. LOL
OK, so that would be so cool. I am thinking, would it fit over the hole in the kegerator where the tower comes out? If I could replace the tower I think my wife would probably be very happy. LOL. And I could have the cool "wow" factor. LOL
It could definitely do that. The hoses come in from the back/bottom of the unit so you could remove the tower, place it over the hole, pull the hoses through it, and insulate around it.
Updated the original post to change the quantities after selling a handful as well as to add pictures. Reach out if you are interested and I'll update if any units sell. Thanks!