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Feb 17, 2009
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Green Bay
So Bottled a batch of Extreme Wheat the other day, filtered, etc...It looked great after going into the bottles, but after a day of sitting, there's a 1/4" of yeast sitting on the bottom of them? I know there's supposed to be yeast in the bottle...But that much? After only a day of sitting?

Anyone have that much?
filtered and you still got sediment like that? sounds fishy. how long did you primary and secondary?
You filtered a wheat beer? Did you suck a bunch of trub into your bottling bucket?

It may just be sitting there really loose. Once the beer carbs up and you chill the bottles it will probably compact and be fine.
I ran it thru a "paint filter" to get the hopps out. Did a dry hop on it. Thats why I thought it was weird that even with a light filter, that much got by? I didnt suck up trub either? Thats what seemed weird? O well, I bet like u said, after carbing and cooling, it'll go down. Thanks!
A paint strainer isn't going to catch yeast or even trub, really. I am sure you got some of it out, but it doesn't seem like it would be very effective to me.

How did you transfer it through the paint strainer?
A paint strainer is a great way to aerate your beer. Great when racking into the primary, not so good when it's finished beer. It sounds like you picked up a bunch of trub into the bottling bucket anyways, because I rarely get more than a thin layer of yeast at the bottom of my bottles.
let it lay inside the bucket, banded around the lip, and lifted it out. Didnt wanna distrurb the beer too much...