Bottling year old beer. Yeast help?

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May 5, 2020
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Hey yall,
Getting back into after a near year long hiatus. Firstly, I'm wanting to bottle a cream ale I've had in the primary for 325 days lol. I imagine all the yeast is dead . I bought a packet of us-05. Should I add tiny bit of yeast to each bottle or to the bottling bucket? I know it may not be good at this point but I would like to see how it turns out.



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May 5, 2021
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I second @Steveruch's adding the yeast to bottling bucket, but also @Dr_Jeff's concern regarding autolysis.

I'd also add a worry of oxidation if you haven't paid any attention to the carboy in 325 days; I once had a carboy of second runnings from a big beer's mash that I neglected for over a year with a dried-up airlock. Tasted a sample and it was like drinking paper. Absolutely disgusting...

I'd definitely taste a sample before going through the bottling process, as if it's a dumper it's better to find that out before going through the pain of bottling.

As one more note, if you used 05 to ferment the beer it's not a problem, but on the off-chance that you used a less-attenuative yeast for fermentation, 05 could ferment more than just the priming sugar. Since cream ales are normally well-attenuated, though, I doubt this would be an issue.