Michigan Bottling Equipment, Bottling Supplies, Twistee Crowlers

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Oct 6, 2017
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I just ordered an Oktober Can Seamer and don’t need multiple packaging options. Pick up in Monroe, Mi. Shipping isn’t real practical on any of this due to box sizes and crazy shipping rates.

Last Straw bottle filler. I’ve found this to work really well for bottles but in cans because of the need to push down it’s a little unstable. $70

More Beer Deluxe Bench Bottle Capper. Like new. Bet I haven’t capped 2 dozen bottles since getting it. $100

About 8 dozen bottles, de labeled and clean but somewhat dusty. Will include a few bags of caps too.

Twistee Can Crowlers. $24/dozen have at least 4 dozen I’ll sell. My friends love these and I’m finding if I get these back rinsed I can reuse them 3 times no problem so a few dozen will last me forever.