bottling and mini kegging priming issue

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May 18, 2005
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glasgow Ky
Ok here's where I'm at I got a 5 gal batch and I want to put half in 2-5 ltr mini kegs and bottle the rest. If you use 3/4 cp or 5oz of corn sugar for bottles and 1/2 cp or 3.5oz for mini kegs that is 1oz to 1gal for bottles .7oz to 1gal for mini kegs. Can I prime the whole batch with 3.5oz fill my kegs then add .75 oz more sugar to the remaining beer and bottle. My math says it will work. Any remarks to agree or disagree will be appreciated!
How I have dealt with this question in the past: When I finished my last brew, a pale ale, I filled two 5 ltr. kegs, which were each primed with about a teaspoon worth of corn sugar, then I looked at the level of remaining beer, and used an online priming guide. It asked for quantity of beer, temprature, and desired volumes of co2 (dependant on what style of beer you are bottling). Then I measured out the correct number of ounces with a postal scale, added it to a small bit of boiling water, then mixed it in with the beer in the bottling bucket and bottled it. Seemed to work well.

Here is the link to the priming guide:
Actually, 1-2 TBS per keg is fine. Priming the entire batch in the normal way would be too much for the kegs.


As D-Brewmeister says you will need to recalculate for the remaining beer in the bottling bucket.