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Dec 17, 2007
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ok looking for some cheap ideas for the mead, since blew all the funds on the beer making and don't want to spend on wine bottles, corks, corker, etc. I have a batch of JAOM sitting in the cabinet burping away, and need a place to store it when the time is up.
Have a whole lot of canning jars left over. how good does the seal have to be on this? Would a screw top lid work(I assume the heat and pressure from the canning process causes the gasket in them to seal better). I know light may be an issue, I could keep it in a dark pantry. I know I should spend the big bucks, but it is hard to justify for a 1 gallon batch. Thanks


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Jun 12, 2006
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South River, NJ
Im gonna use swing top bottles... like grolsch or fischer ones. Easy to get ahold of, relatively inexpensive (consider you will not have to cap/cork and will only have to change gaskets every ~5 uses)... and they are resealable. I don't know if many people will pound down 16oz of mead all at one sitting, but I can see 4-8oz. You can reseal the bottle, toss it in the fridge, and save it for another day.

On the pricey side are these cool flasks... a bit $$, but they would be AWESOME! The 500ml bottles are roughly ~17ounces

Anyways, I may get a couple of these to put labels on and save for a few years. It'll be like my private mead reserve that I can crack into 5yrs from now. The price does drop considerably if you get quantity. I'd be willing to split the 30ea for $105+sh and ship 15 of them out to you. That would be good for just under 2 gallons worth each.