Bottling a Lager- Primer? Yeast?

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May 31, 2010
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I am getting ready to brew my first lager. I plan to ferment in a primary for 3 weeks at 45-50 deg, lager for 6 weeks at 35-40 deg, and then straight to bottles.

Do I need to do a secondary? I don't have a secondary- I could rack to my bottling bucket, clean and sanitize my carboy and transfer back? I feel like that's too much moving of the beer around though. I suppose I could always buy a fermenting bucket, use that as my secondary? Thoughts?

When I bottle, should I be okay with just adding priming sugar as usual and bottling? I just wonder if the yeast is going to be so dormant I will lose CO2 activity

Should I just keg and force carb it? bottle from the keg? I've never done that before, but would be willing to go for it.