Bottled my first batch

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Feb 18, 2005
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Well i stared and waited for my beer to be clear. The local homebrew store guy said to wait until i can read some newsprint through it. I was ever so anxious to bottle so i made up my priming solution of 2/3 of a cup of corn sugar and added that to my brew all at once then put my brew into bottles, capped, and they are now sitting and awaiting me to drink them in a couple weeks. I'm wondering if i used enough sugar. I got 55 bottles outta the batch. Will it carbonate. This being my first batch i'm not sure if that was enough, or maybe too much. Is there anything i can visually see because i see nothintg but golden beer. I chose to use clear bottles for my first run just so i can see any significant changes.
I think 2/3 cup is about right. I've read 4-5 ounces, and it works out to something like that. It should carbonate. Just gives it a week...two is better. And keep those clear bottles well-hidden from light.
I should work, but you might not get the carbonation you desire.

I usually use 3/4 C for corn sugar and 1 1/4 for DME.

The real trick is the waiting.

I wouldn't worry too much. Just try to keep the bottle in the 70s temp range for a couple of weeks and you should be successful.

Be sure to try one in about a week to see where the carb level is and to drink one for flavor testing. :D

Good luck.
I'm a bit impatient so I generally use a cup of dex per 5G and just enjoy a little early. I give away a lot to my drunkard friends so it generally doesn't sit around long enough to hazzard explosions.