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Jan 10, 2005
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I have mostly made beer, however a few months back I decided to try wine making. Its probably been sitting 6 months in secondary on the lees or yeast or sediment thats about 1/8 of an inch deep, I hope this has not hurt anything, I just have not had time to bottle it. So I plan on tasting it and if its ok, bottle it. One is Black Berry the other is Muscadine.
I know its good for wine to age longer, but I think I am suppose to rack every three months as long as its dropping sediment right? Ya think it will be ok?
Also I bottle just as I would a beer right, siphone tube etc...
1/8 inch of lees should be fine. Taste it and see!

If you want to bottle, that's fine. If it were me, I'd add one campden tablet per gallon into the bottling bucket (dissolved in some hot water) and then bottle. And yes, it's the same bottling procedure as for beer. Make sure you have a decent corker, though!
Well, some say you should just spritz them with some sanitizer and some say just dry. I usually give them a quick dunk in some campden solution (don't soak!) and then bottle.

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