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Jun 21, 2019
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Hello fellow brewers. Looking for some wisdom here as I've only ever brewed 2 batches. I went with carbonation drops, 1 per 450ml bottle. Being stored at 18°c and after a month, I'm a little disappointed with the amount of carbonation. Am I just being impatient? Very little head on the beer. It was a Brewhouse Cerveza kit. Opinions? Advice?
You definitely undercarbed. Googling results show the proper usage is one drop for 350ml. So, one drop for every 12oz bottle. Unfortunately, online results do not indicate at what carbonation level one drop gives.

Thus, as @Jag75 suggested with the posted link, you are better off controlling exactly what carbonation level you want by using a priming sugar calculator.
In addition to the above, maybe condition at the higher end of your yeast's range.

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