Boston Lager Recipe?

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Feb 8, 2005
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Pocatello, Idaho
Since it is cold in my basement right now, I be thinkin' about lagerin'. And one lager that I especially like is the good old Sammy Adams. I like the lighter body that is still really flavorfull, with good hopiness, etc. Any recipe ideas? I'm looking to to an all grain version, but if you have extract ideas, I can probably translate them fine. Even if you have a good idea which kinds of hops to use, or what yeast might work best, lemmy know.
Thanks - D
The ingrediants for this I obtained from Sam Adams.They wouldn't give me the grain calculation or the yeast but thanks to a beer recipicater(found on the links section of our page). I think this will be very close to the real thing.This is brewed by means of a decoction mash which took some time. Sam Adams says to let it sit for 40 days before serving but I had to test this after a month to see how it was coming along and WOW!!! :)

2 1/2 gallons

4 lbs. Otters 2-row
1 1/4 lb Crystal 60
1 1/4 oz.Hallertuar
3/4 oz.Tettnang (dry hopped)
1 Tbs.Irish moss
1 tsp.polyclar
Wyeast Munich Lager yeast
2 1/2 Tbs.corn sugar

Brewing Instructions:
Rest at 122f for 30 min. then pull your first decoction of 40%.Bring this to a boil and add back to main mash to raise temperature to 145f.Rest for 30 mins.Pull a second decoction of 30% bring to a boil and add back to the main mash to raise temp to 155f.Rest for 30min.Pull a third decoction of 30%,bring to a boil,add to mash and let rest for 10 min.This will raise the temp to 168f.Sparge only 3 times.Collect 4 gallons of wort. Boil for 60 min. adding th Hallertaur at the beginning of boil.Boil for 45 min. add the irish moss.Cool and pitch yeast. We mixed this with the hazelnut stout to make a black and tan and it was incredible.

2 weeks at 48f
Secondary: 1 week @ 48F with Polyclar and Tettnanger
F.G.-1.010 approx.
Alcohol-4% approx.

sorry about the dodgey popups on the site.... it's not mine :)
Thanks T1, looks like a good start. Have you tried this brew? D'ya think one would have to do a decoction, or would a regular infusion mash work fairly well? -- D

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