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For Sale Boil Keggle for sale - NH

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Dec 14, 2010
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Original owner/maker of the boil keggle. It's gone through a few changes over the years. Latest changes were to fit it for going electric. Of course, way back at the start I HAD to polish it up.
Can be used with either an electric element (TC connection) or with a propane burner (cap for the element TC port is included). I can confirm that the Sling Blade element for 15 gallon kettles/keggles will fit correctly with the TC port welded in place.
All welds are TIG.
Dip tube TC port (1") will need a dip tube to complete. I've tested with a Spike racking arm, which will go into the keggle and allow you to connect up the valve of your choice. No valves are included with this.
It does come with the sight glass assembly, as shown. That's a 1/2" OD borosilicate glass tube with a stainless steel tube shield (with a slot machined in it for checking levels).
Inside recirculation port (not welded fittings) can be adjusted, or replaced, if you wish.
Does come with a lid (also stainless).

Location: Pelham, NH
Price: $150 as is, $180 with Spike racking arm (will include one TC clamp and gasket with racking arm).
Terms: F2F cash money
Contact: Private Message here.