Boerderij Kabouter Brewery Design Series: The Single Vessel System

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I have been designing a lot of systems lately and thought it would be nice to have a blog dedicated to each so it would be easier for me to direct people and for reference. Hopefully this helps someone... The single vessel system is a BIAB style brewery that uses only a single kettle for all stages of brewing. It is simple to use and very minimalistic. First the pot is a single kettle with a full steaming basket.

Here is how you could do 10 gallon AG batches with a single burner, single pot and single fermenter.

That is a pretty sexy system

Basic setup this is all you need.

Heat all the water of to sparge temps plus a couple degrees for heat loss. Put grains in a grain bag inside steamer basket.

Transfer sparge water into fermenter and cover with a blanket or other insulation. Add ice cubes to the kettle to bring liquor to strike temps.

Put grain basket into mash and mash for desired schedule.

Raise basket out of wort and sparge with the liquor held in the fermenter.

Boil as usual.

Cool, and transfer back to fermenter.

It would be very easy to add a rims to this system for an automated mash temp control. Pretty cool IMO.
I don't think you really need the sparge. 75-80 can be done with "normal" BIAB.
Also, just recirculate and use the burner to maintain temps and/or step-mash.
Wow, this is cool. I really like the visual aids, as well. I see where bakins is going with this, but I think you can still keep this thing beautifully simple with a vertical RIMS attached to the frame. From there it would be easy to do step mashing or deliver heated water for a sparge/mashout.
Do you think the 62qt basket will be big enough? Looking at the actual dimensions, it only comes to 9.75 gallons.
The pot is 82 quart or 20.5 gallons. https://www.pelicansky.com/productdetail.aspx?id=118&cat=66
Should be big enough for most 10g batches. The basket says it is full sized, but I can't find any dimensions???