Boerderij Kabouter Brewery Design Series: The Eagles Nest

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I have been designing a lot of systems lately and thought it would be nice to have a blog dedicated to each so it would be easier for me to direct people and for reference. Hopefully this helps someone... The Eagles Nest is a three vessel system with nesting kettles and a folding stand. This is a very portable brewery and takes up a very small footprint when stored. First, I have always thought a system with nesting kettles would be awesome for a portable brewery, so I went looking and found this:

That's a 15g, 10g, and 8g aluminum kettles for $174 shipped. Next, the burner. A few people on here have used this setup to great effect and I think it is perfect for portable breweries. It can be had here for $179 + $45 shipping You will also need a false bottom and some

of her odds and ends. All told, here is the parts list (I did not add in a propane tank).

Here is how I envision this working: Here is the brewery in travel mode. All kettles nest, chiller in pots, and burner folded up.

To use it, just unfold and unnest the kettles and burner, then you are setup!
1. Heating the strike water and sparge water. The full volume of water will be heated to temp in the BK because the HLT is likely to small for many beers.

2. Doughing in and mashing. During the mash, the second sparge volume with be transferred to the HLT and brought back to the desired temperature. The first sparge volume is left in the BK where it should remain at the proper temperature.

3. To sparge, first the first sparge volume is added from the BK. The mash is stirred, vorlaufer, and drained back into the BK.

4. Second sparge. The second sparge volume is then added from the HLT. The mash is stirred, vorlaufer, and drained fully into the BK. All runnings should now be collected.

5. The boil is pretty standard.

6. So is chilling. When I initially brought up the nested pot idea, it was shot down mainly because we could not figure out how to move the hot fluids. My solution is to use a copper (or stainless) siphon tube as shown above. It will run down the side of the MLT and under the FB. To start a siphon, use one of these or a baster:

A few quick pumps and you are off to the races, and still you can still nest the pots!