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Nov 7, 2007
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Hi, I have been planing on brewing a bock pretty soon. I was interested in making a Bavarian bock but I am not yet ready for laggering. So, I was wondering what is a good bock style that doesn't require laggering? I also want to make a Weizenbock for the holidays, but this will be done probably during late summer or early autom so I can give it some time to age since it is a pretty big brew. I plan on making these with the Austin Home Brew kits. Would an american bock be a good one for a first timer? Oh, and BTW, now that I remember. I will be buying a new brewing pot pretty soon and I had my eye set on a 16 Qt. Stainless Steel pot and a 21 Qt. enamel pot. Which one would be better? I don't plan on going AG any time soon, but I do plan on doing partial mash in the very near future. Thanks...
White Labs San Francisco Lager Yeast #810, which can be fermented at room temp for your Bock style, I just did this myself not too long ago, worked out well! The American Bock should be fine for your first brew, no worries especially if its a kit. I would personally go with stainless steel or enamel for a brewpot.
I would go for the SS pot over the enamel. Go get the biggest pot you can. The reason I say SS over enamel is because once the enamel pot gets a piece of enamel broken off, you can pitch the pot. That won't happen with SS. Also, get yourself a place to lager in, you will be thankful you did once you taste your first lager. A Bock needs to be fermented by a lager strain, preferably. Otherwise, it won't give you the true taste that a bock deserves. Ferment that with Wyeast 2206 or 2308 if you can. Obviously, the comparable WL strains will work. In a pinch, I'd use Wyeast 2112, but I would try to avoid that for a bock.