Bock-ish ale?

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May 9, 2007
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So I have a friend who really wants to get into home brewing and loves Shiner Bock. I was gonna have him over for my next brew day, and I want to make something that he would really enjoy. I don't, however, have the capability to lager yet, so I was wondering if anybody had an ale recipe that would resemble a bock? Thanks for any help. Yall rock.


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Mar 26, 2007
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De Pere, WI
I got 15 gallons (ish) of second runnings from the local brewery when they were making their doppelbock, and we boiled up three batches with our own hops. We used a very similar hop schedule (an ounce of Northern Brewer hops @ start of boil, half an ounce of Hallertau for flavor, and another half ounce at flameout). Overall it came out a little too harsh, and more bitter than style for a bock. If I did it again I'd pick a different bittering hop for sure, and depending what I wanted (a bock vs a dunkel) I'd consider backing off or eliminating the flavor or aroma hops).

The one batch with WLP-810 wasn't that great, but we used a pack of US-05 and fermented the second batch as an ale and it came out much better. It took a couple months to mellow out but the slight fruitiness from the ale yeast really made for a good beer.

Unfortunately I'm not sure what the grist was, but probably something fairly standard. I would make the ale version again if I knew I could duplicate it.

I also made a Vienna lager-type ale with a German Ale yeast and that came out wonderful.