Bluemoon clone question

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Dec 30, 2007
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Kansas City
I was looking at the bluemoon recipe over on the recipe page.

I noticed there was no sugar that goes in this? Is that so? Wanting to make sure.. Thanks
Most recipes don't include sugar, except for when you go to bottle it. If you're bottling, you'll have to add some sugar (about 5 ounces to 5 gallons) dissolved in water to get it to carbonate.
Some Belgians will include sugar, specifically Belgian Candi sugar, to keep it on the dry side, but for a blue moon clone, you don't really want to dry it out that much.
Ok, cool. Well my first out of the gate brews were belgian ales.. They both required sugar.. So being a novice at brewing ( not drinking ) fine beers, I didnt know.. thank you for the help..


If you're asking specifically about belgian sugar, then no, I don't believe the blue moon clone recipe(s) call for this ingredient.

I've made an extract clone and it did not use any belgian sugar.