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Jul 10, 2014
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Ok so im back asking questions about this batch I started in early July.

Racked after 10 days to secondary and have not touched it since....

Tomorrow will be 9 weeks in secondary without removing the air lock for anything. I have done visual inspections and it has been fermenting nicely this entire time with air bubbles every 7 secs at the beginning to now every 20 secs or so.

I checked it today and it is still fermenting and SG is 1.2 or 1.02 not sure Im reading it right (OG 1.09 or 1.9)...can visibly see bubbles rising up the side of the carboy and the airlock is bubbling every 20 secs or so. It is a beautiful purplish red color and smells fine coming out of top of airlock. I tasted the little bit I got out to test SG and it tastes delicious. Like wine at first but then finishes very sweet.

However, I noticed today there is some white, like bleach white, stuff floating on the top that was not there a week ago. Quite frankly, it looks like mold. I dont know how else to describe it. One spot is about the size of a dime and the other about the size of a penny. There is a lot of organic blueberry matter that has settled out but some is still floating on the top where the white stuff resides. Temp is held pretty steady in the house and the carboy sits in a closet in a room with no direct sunlight. I also drank that glass and had no ill effects from it.

Lots of questions here....

1. Is this mold and should I throw it out?

2. Is 9 weeks too long in secondary even if fermentation is still active?

3. If this is something undesirable is it related to not using any of the additives I listed in previous posts?

4. Is the organic matter a problem in any secondary fermentation? I used a mesh fruit bag not sure how or why it looks like there are pieces of blueberry floating around.

5. Is the white stuff dead yeast?

Thanks for your help!