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Aug 29, 2010
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Juneau, AK
Am starting another blueberry mead. This is a rather simple mead, and with a much lower ABV than my previous blueberry meads and wines, which pushed upwards of 23%. Figure this has about a year in the fermenter (probably 4 -6 rackings depending) and another year in the bottle minimum.

Below is the recipe. The SG is a guess as I do not have an idea of the sugar content of the berries. I am assuming a sugar content of 9.8% for this recipe. Also, I do not have an accurate way of determining the water content of the berries. I started with 5 gallons of water, and will adjust the water when I get to the secondary. It worked last time, so hopefully it will work again.


Volume: 6 Gallons
Calculated SG: 1.122
Expected ABV: 15.77%


Volume: 6 Gallons
Calculated SG: 1.122
Expected ABV: 15.77%


11.5 lbs. – Arizona Wildflower Honey
6.0 lbs. – Clover Honey
17 lbs. – Blueberries – Primary
7.0 lbs. – Blueberries – Secondary


White Labs WLP 720 – Sweet Mead Yeast – 800 ml Starter.


1/2 cup – Honey
1/2 cup – Table Sugar
1/2 tsp. Yeast Nutrient
3-1/2 cups water
Notes: Boiled for 10 minutes, cooled and pitched yeast, placed on stir plate for 24 hours.


6 ea. – Campden Tablets
2.5 tsp. peptic enzyme
1.5 to 3. tsp. – Fermaid-K – prior to pitching yeast and at 1/3 sugar break