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43 Degrees North
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Mar 27, 2022
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Snake/Greys Rivers
I have a universal slide in big mouth bubbler lid. My air trap kept getting pushed out along with the lid getting pushed up. I added some tubing to the main bubbler riser and ran the additional 4’ of hose into a 5 gallon bucket of . Bubbling was intermittent about every 10 seconds but the lid and airlock still wanted to get pushed out so I added a weight and wired the lid down to the carboy lifting loops. But it still wanted to push out the lid.

After reading some post on this forum when you guys said that the longer the tubing the Lord has to struggle to push the air out so I shorten the piece of poly tubing to 12” and put a mason jar on top of an upside down picture inside by 5 gallon bucket and now it is bubbling continuously.
I also changed out the star sand water with regular tapwater because I’ve also read that star stand could melt my poly tubing. I’m so grateful for this site and a lot of the administrators that can give feedback to problems happening in real time. I’m growing a heavy milk stout or so I'm told.

My OG was 1.103 and im using Imperial a nine pub yeast that I made a starter with. I’m pretty sure I’ve got all of the 200,000,000 billion cells and then some.

Not sure of my target gravity until tomorrow when my brewing supply store will recalculates my recipe since I undershot my maltodextrin by 8 oz. and overshot on DME by 2 lbs.


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Jan 14, 2013
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Hey Magyver,good job. That universal stopper has a gap between the part with the hole and the wall. If you put a piece of 1/2" silicone tubing in boiling water it will slip onto the nub with the hole. Bigger hole less pushout. I also turned the lid OD down so the old screw on would hold it in place. What worked best id to cut off the top ring on the seal. Push it on first and look at how it bundles up. when it's cut off the seal is smooth and tight.


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Mar 10, 2021
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As long as you use that small ID tubing you'll continue to have problems like that now and then.

I do overkill with mine by using 7/8" ID tubing even for 1 gallon batches. You need to be at least 1/2", though if you do beers that typically give you a problem every time, then 3/4" will probably be best.

And you'll probably have to either modify the hole in the lid or drill another hole for it to fit in. You can buy larger stoppers and put holes in them to fit the larger tube. Google and YouTube probably have many how-to documents and vid's about how to sharpen a piece of metal tubing to put holes in silicone or rubber stoppers.