Blonde Sorachi

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Jul 8, 2008
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Thursday night, I made Biermunchers "Centenial Blonde", but swapped the hops for Sorachi Ace. Holy cow, what an aroma! Smelled like someone had mopped the brew basement with "Lemon Scented Pine Sol".
Maybe a bad annalogy, but this stuff smelled great. Only had 28 IBU's but carried a ton of aroma!
It's a 2.5 gallon batch, and I was supposed to dry hop with 3/8 oz., may have to re-think that. Pretty strong already.
If you haven't brewed with this hop, I recommend it. I'm thinking this will be a great "lawn mower" beer. May try another with a corn/rice blend. Any ideas for a recipe on that? Don't have lagering abilities.
AHS had a south-by-southwheat kit for a seasonal last year that I brewed - 1 # agave with 2 additions of Sorachi. Was definitely a house favorite.
I wonder how that lemon scent would go with a wheat or bavarian beer? Sounds like a good cleaner after a night of evil dark ones!

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