Blichmann TOP-Link Software alternative?

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Feb 19, 2016
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Southeast MI
With the Blichmann Tower-of-Power, you have two choices for control... push buttons as-needed, or use their MS Windows-only TOP-Link software and RS485-to-USB custom cable.

For those of us running Linux for our fermentation controllers (brewpi in my case), we're SOL in terms of mashing without a windows PC.

Anyone know of another software option to control a Tower-of-Power?
I don’t know of other software but have not looked. I’m not optimistic.

Would a Windoze VM work?

RS485 linux drivers are not a big deal... figuring out the correct pinout for the 4-pin phone jack on the back of the TOP would be an issue if the blichmann TOP-link cable doesn't work with the linux drivers.

Figuring out the TOP-Link data protocol would be a PITA without a serial analyzer and a windows box to test with.

Was hoping somebody might have done all that already. :) A nice small and efficient rpi microcontroller velcro'd to the TOP with an api exposed to to get/set values for the TOP would be an ideal situation.

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