Blichmann Beer Gun Leaking Bad

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Apr 14, 2013
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I waited more than 2 months to get this Beer Gun and it has me super frustrated. At rest beer sprays out the end. Pressure is set to 5 psi, so it is not the pressure. I am going to do my best to describe what is happening though. I am attaching a video in a zip file where you will see when I pull then release the trigger it slightly hangs. If I keep the bar pulled back it doesn't leak at all, but if I let the spring return the bar all the way it leaks. Basically if I stop it where it wants to hang all is good, but if I let it fully release beer sprays out the end. I had to hold the bar with one finger and then press the tip into the bottom of the bottle, that kept the beer from coming out until I pulled the trigger.


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Check to make sure that the o-ring is installed inside the muzzle end of the handle. That o-ring should hold the bigger tube in place so that small tube can press against the valve seat. If you dont see a black o-ring in there, the large tube will come loose.
Does the large tube snap into place securely during assembly?
Thanks for the reply, I got a hold of Blichmann and they are replacing the handle due to it binding which is stopping the end from sealing properly.