Blending beer while dispensing via jumper'ed kegs of varying beer styles

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Sep 5, 2013
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Have you, or someone you know, jumper'ed kegs of various beer styles together to blend as they pour/dispense? If so, what were the results and feedback?

I've seen this done once at a local, now defunct, beer festival by our local homebrew shop. They brewed 3 beers and jumper'ed them together as so:
  1. Pilsner (Dispensing keg)
  2. Pale (Middle man)
  3. IPA (Receiving gas)
It was really interesting how the blending took place over the course of the 3 hour event.

I was considering doing this experiment for a big festival in Pensacola. I was thinking of:
  • Pale
  • Hefe
  • IPA (Fruity hops rather than resiny, and not a hop bomb)
I'd obviously have to do some in-the-glass blending to taste various percentages of blending as a keg would empty to best determine the order in the jumper line.

Twice, I have blended beers to try to save a bad batch. The latest effort was a Red IPA with kaffir leaf. The IPA was too bitter and the kaffir overpowering. I mixed it with some Czech lager that had a whiff of phenol. I had about 3 gal of lager to 2 of the IPA. Blended in a glass it was better than either of the two so I jumpered them together and let it sit for two months in the cold garage. The result was brilliantly clear and the taste was very complex. Beer geeks loved it. Not so much American Lager fans.
this kind of sounds like a great way to ruin 3 kegs
If you use the wrong beer styles and/or have conflicting flavors/aromas, yea it can. That is why one needs to test the blending in various ratios in the same order you plan to serve before fully committing.