Blackberry Jam Wine

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Jan 15, 2019
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This wine recipe will make a 1 gallon jug of wine (9 , 12oz. bottles).
I always bottle my wine in 12 Oz. bottles. Tastes better. More like a wine cooler.
Anyway, You can use any plastic or glass jug. Use an old gallon Hawaiian Punch container.
Make sure it is one gallon , exactly.
If you use a Hawaiian Punch container, you must punch a tiny pinhole through the cap , so air can escape. OK?

1lb / 16 Oz. Jar of grape jam (18 Oz. is better)
1lb / 16 Oz. Jar of blackberry jam

Very easy!
Next you want to take your jam and either mix in with a slightly boiled hot water, or use hot tap water.
What I normally do is take a 16 Oz. plastic cup and a spoon. I then add a little jam in the cup then add enough water to dissolve the jam to a liquid.
Once dissolved, You are going to want to put a funnel inside of your gallon jug and pour your liquid into the jug.
Keep on repeating the process until all your jam is gone.

Once all of your liquid is poured into the gallon container, fill the rest of the jug with lukewarm water.

You can add any kind of yeast.
I just pick up Fleischmanns bread yeast from the store and use that.
You can use wild yeast also. Or any other yeast available.

Put your yeast into the gallon jug and shake the **** out of it.
Put your cap back on the sucker and store it for a week in a warm place. Preferably a temperate climate between 60-80 degrees.

After a good week, Take the cap off and enjoy!~
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