Black IPA thing of the past?

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Jun 8, 2016
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This was in an email I git from FW today. I know it was also reported earlier, but in case you missed it....



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Sep 25, 2018
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Denver, CO
Outside of the PNW black IPAs had like one year of popularity. They were more of a brewers passion project. They launched that year or two of alternate color IPAs. Black, red, white, brown, amber.

That said, I've seen more black IPAs in the past twelve months than maybe the past eight years combined. Personally glad to see this little wave of interest.


May 7, 2021
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I hear ya, and I've had a few that I enjoyed...but tbh I only had one in which the brut aspect seemed like a positive (whereas most would have been preferable if they had some extra gravity points and ibu to compensate for them), and that was a brett brut. The brett gave it substantial perception of body despite ending at like .999 and the Brett flavors melded so well with the hops. Wish I had some more of it right now haha.

And I see what you're saying in that bruts don't NEED to be fruit bombs...but all of the ones I've had were. Maybe one with some oily centennial and ctz would be better 🤷. Otoh I also never really liked IPLs so maybe there is some correlation there like you said.

Out of curiosity, what are your favorite hops to play with when you make them? And are you adding enzymes to the fermenter for real super dry bruts, or do you add to the mash and end in that 1.00x range?
I’m honestly still playing with my hop profile to nail down just what I’m looking for. I like my piney hops, but the beer is my wife’s favorite and she prefers the fruitier ones. Next iteration will be Nelson Sauvin for bittering, Azacca, Mosaic, and Idaho (#7 or Gem, haven’t decided) in the whirlpool, and Hallertau Blanc dry hop. Trying to get a not-too-sweet Sauvignon grape-like element with a hint of citrus. And I use enzymes in the fermenter with a little elderflower liqueur (mirroring her favorite champagne cocktail), that gets me to about 1.003. I’m honestly trying to drive it drier as the last couple have been delicious but were wanting for a bit of crispness to her palate.