Black film on bottom of bottles

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Ale to the Chief

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Jan 2, 2008
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Chicago, IL
I just bottled my first batch of beer 3 days ago and looking in at the bottles it appears that alot of them have some sort of black/dark film on the bottom. It almost looks like algae or something! I've read on here that there is supposed to be yeast sediment at the bottom but I always imagined it would look like...well....yeast. Does it sound like I may have some kind of infection?
Did you have a lot of pellet hops sludge in your beer? If your beer was clear when you bottled, you should only have yeast sediment in the bottom. If you hurried to bottle it before it was clear (before about 3 weeks), you'll have whatever was suspended in your beer in the bottom of the bottles.
I did have a lot of pellet sludge in the primary (it was in primary for 2 1/2 weeks) but I think I avoided getting any of it in the bottling bucket when racking by wrapping a sanitized grain bag around the racking cane. The beer I was bottling looked very clear. This 'black stuff' on the bottom of the bottles is not loose, it is stuck to the bottom.
Did you clean your bottles well enough? The only time I've seen black sludge (and not taupe or beige colored) is when mold grew in the bottom of the empty bottles, and I didn't clean them well enough.
Hey thank you guys for trying to help but I'm just an idiot :drunk:

I took a closer look last night and what happened was there were certain spots on the bottom of the bottles that were not covered by the white sediment, making it look like there were black circles of funk growing on there. Just me being paranoid about my first batch of beer I guess. Hope no one lost sleep last night ;)
I couldn't sleep last night, but not because of your question.:drunk:

Ended up watching a documentary at 4 am about Einstein. He married his cousin, and man, did she fall out of the ugly tree.
are you sure its actually black (are these clear bottles?)?

cuz yeast sediment looks very dark in a normal brown bottle, especially if you are pouring a ton of light into the bottle.