Black Butte Porter

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Sep 8, 2014
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Brewed a porter several weeks ago, and couldn't wait so I decided to test a bottle this fine Friday night, and see how the carbonation was coming along. The batch has been bottled for a week, and surprisingly is pretty well carbed up, albeit the head didn't last very long.

I got the bright idea to compare my creation against a Deschutes Black Butte Porter and did a side-by-side sampling. Had to do a double take and make sure I was drinking from different glasses, but they tasted VERY similar. After further in-depth review and some pondering, the Deschutes seems ever so slightly more earthy tasting and it seems like it has a lower SG than my porter. In all, I like my porter better though.

Even though this isn't intended to be a clone, I'd like to share my recipe in the event that it might help out someone that is trying to do a clone, since the flavor is extremely similar. Hope someone can benefit.



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Jan 6, 2015
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That's awesome! Thanks for the link.
I too brewed up a Porter ( kinda by accident) (wanted a oatmeal stout but grain bill got changed around last min) and I just had the first sample of it tonite. Only been in the bottle a week also and head faded pretty fast but the taste is right there with Samuel Smith Taddy Porter. Very pleased with this beer!
Again congrats on making a great homebrew