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Jan 18, 2020
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South Bend
I'll start by saying the answer probably is "Enjoy your beer, but don't ask anyone to judge it." But here's the question, for a slow Friday evening.

So I made something much like a cream ale (1C): English pale, corn, and a little Munich for depth. But I used purple corn. It looks like this:
What are you drinking now?
It's quite pretty, and a very good cream ale; the corn adds color and maybe a slight sweet note.

If I were to enter it in a competition, should I just go with 1C? The other option would be 31A (Alternative Grain), but that says appearance should match base style (Nope!) and "the additional grain should be noticeable in flavor" (Nope!)

What do you think?
That's a beautiful beer. I'd drink that one, but If I were to enter something like this into a comp I'd list it the 1C and name it with the corn name or something like that. :mug:
Enter it in both and see what the results are. Appearance is only 3 points in judging out of 50. Included the 3 points of Appearance is not just color but also clarity and head so color is technically a point or 2 at most. If it is a good beer its color will not penalize it significantly. Good luck.
31A or 34. If it were a perfect cream ale in every way except color, maybe 1C but it would come across as a larger miss than just a point for color because it can detract from the overall as well. I'm leaning towards 31A
... cream ale (1C) ... purple corn
34B (link) : "A variation of an Existing Style using a non-traditional ingredient (e.g., ...)."

the answer probably is "Enjoy your beer, but don't ask anyone to judge it."
Personally, until I'm truly "in it to win it", I doubt I'll enter competitions for the next year or two.

The competitions I watch are back, but smaller and with less 'feedback'.

And, for me, equally good feedback is available elsewhere.

Make another batch as an NEIPA and call it “Purple Haze!”
Definitely, an IPA!
I can't fully remember the infinite gamut of IPA colour categories right now, but I'm sure there must be a dedicated subcategory for whichever colour perceivable by the human eye!


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