BJCP 2021 Guidelines - "Well Done"

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Feb 16, 2012
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While it's clear that not everyone is interested in BJCP categories and style guidelines, the 2021 Update is very well done and the panel needs a hearty pat on the back. I've just spent an hour or so reading the new guidelines and think that they've done a remarkable job in reorganizing and clarifying categories for competitors. The organization seems more well thought out with clearer lines of distinction and less overlap. They recognize the need for inclusive styles that reflect current trends (looking at YOU, Category 21 - IPA) which has a lot of styles but distinguishes the more established 21A American IPA from the newcomer 21C Hazy, while giving room to the 'trendy' styles in 21B which may stick around for a while or vanish with the next hipster craze.

There's more sense to the German beers as well as other Continental styles. There's also expansion into the local and provisional styles X1 to X5, giving legitimacy to those that were recognized in the last major revision and adding some new ones. Kellerbier is now in the Historical category along with new entry Pre-Prohibition Porter.

Even though I only enter a very few competitions, I acknowledge all the hard work that must have gone into this project. Congratulations, BJCP!