biy magnetic stir plate

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May 12, 2007
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i have researched doing this at several sites but i beleave this is the site that someone posted the step by step of removing a magnet from a muffin fan. If I am right he used a tupperware bowl for a project box. I hav e the magnets removed but they are still attached to the last metal bar. i beleave his post siad pry them off but they seem glued to me will soaking in a good solvent help free the magnet?

I also read that a regular jar will not work because they do not have flat bottoms inside. I read a post where someone made there own stir magnet from a cut bolt and slipped plastic tubbing over it then melted the ends. If i slip a second larger piece of tube over that to raise the bar over the hump of glass in the middle of the jar will that work. Any ideas on that. I want to use i micron filter on my yeat culture and have access to some that work on 2 quart jars. I worry that the foam filters they sell for the flasks will allow some bacteria in.

i have found what i think will work as a power soarce in my saved odds and ends. Odd though taking it apart to get to the wiring inside i figured out why it quit working but since i have replaced it with better equipment i might just snip wires and use it anyway. Depends on the voltage it puts out which i will test tomorrow. It has on pot, with two outputs from that and an on off switch(perfect) I can attach a pot to each line then to the fans and i'm set. no expense so far but still need a project box?

Anyway please give a link to the removal of a magnet from the metal bar it is stuck to if possible, and give your thoughts on increaseing the thickness of the plastic on a stir bar to get over the hump in the midle of a canning jar.