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Dec 30, 2007
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Canberra, ACT Australia
Just wondering what the collective thoughts are on my latest brew.

LHBS Suggested this mix for a Big Bock. It's basically a complete Bavarian Bock Extract kit that makes 15L, PLUS a Bavarian Lager Kit that makes 22.5L, mixed together. Both kits come with SafLager yeast, and I was told to use them both. OG is 1.075, no idea what the FG is supposed to be, but I was told to expect around 9% ABV.
1.075 is getting up there. there's not a hard line for big beers, but IMO anything crawling above 1.060 starts to count.

i'm not sure you'll need two packs of saflager. those are 11g sachets. i would however make a small starter. higher gravities make it harder for yeast to wake up.
at the very least, use fermentis's rehydration directions rather than dry pitching.
I started them both with about 300ml warm water and 7 tsp LME. it was foaming up well when I pitched it. I had cooled down my wort with some ice to get it to around 24°C , then put it into my spare fridge in "Lager Mode" at 11°C. It's working, but took about 3 hours to get going.

Anyone have any idea how long I might expect to wait before it finishes fermenting?