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Jan 9, 2019
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Hey folks.
My wife's parents bought me this beer kit for Christmas, with two packs of 3522. Best by date on the yeast is June 17, 2023. I kinda spaced on having the kit and planning to brew it up this afternoon. By my calculations, 2 packs is a huge under pitch and I dont have time to make a starter. I do have several yeasts lying around that I can pitch along with the 3522 though. As far as Belgian type yeasts, I have dry belle saison and T58. Beyond that I have notty, k97, and verdant (which is ear marked for an upcoming brew, ideally). Anyone have some suggestions on what will go best with this brew? Im leaning towards the belle saison since its sort of an 'extra' pack and might play well with the 3522? Or is tossing a pack of nice boring Nottingham a better idea?
I always use dry yeast, so I can't comment on 3522. But I see the kit instructions also suggest two packs of BE-256, which I can tell you from experience will ferment that wort with no trouble at all. It also is supposed to attentuate a bit more than 3522. However, BE-256 isn't really a Belgian yeast and so the result may or may not be what you're hoping for. T-58 would work, but won't attenuate as much; maybe closer to 3522. The Belle Saison might dry it out more than you'd like.
I'd go with pitching the correct amount of yeast or more. Regardless of whether it's a correct for the style of beer. So just make your best guess on what to mix together.

Under pitching just seems to have more issues. Sometimes you get away with it and sometimes you don't.
Yeah I wasn’t going to underpitch it. I ended up tossing a packet of T58 in. I had the same thought as @mac_1103 of belle attenuating further down than I’d like. Hoping the T58 plays well in there.

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