Biere de Rock Competition - First Call for Entires

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Sep 3, 2008
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Highlands Ranch, Colorado
The Rock Hoppers Brew Club of Castle Rock, Colorado is proud to announce our 2nd annual homebrew competition: Biere de Rock. This AHA/BJCP sanctioned competition centers on Belgian and French styles, BJCP categories 16, 17 b through f, and 18.

First Call For Entries
Registration and the entry window opened November 13, 2010 and will close November 27, 2010.

To enter, go to the Biere de Rock website, click "Register" from the main navigation, proceed through the registration process, and enter each of your brews.

From our registration website, you can add (or import via BeerXML), edit, and track each of your entries. Additionally, you can print the required documentation (pre-filled in bottle labels and recipe forms based upon each of your entries). You can even pay your entry fees via PayPal.

Entries will be accepted between November 13 and November 27, 2010. Please check the Biere de Rock website for shipping and drop-off locations.

Second Call For Judges and Stewards
If you are interested, please register by going to the Biere de Rock website today!

Judging will take place December 4, 2010, 8 AM to 12 PM, at Elk Mountain Brewing in Parker, Colorado.

2011 GABF Pro-Am
A winning recipe will be brewed at Elk Mountain Brewing in Parker, Colorado!

Please check the Biere de Rock website for general information and to contact one of the competition officials.

À la vôtre!

Geoff Humphrey
Registration Coordinator, Biere de Rock,