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Beverage-Air BM-23 tower for sale

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May 25, 2007
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Been a long time....

My old Bev-Air BM23 kegerator gave up the ghost....bad compressor. Since the economic slowdown, I haven't been brewing much. We were pretty much using the ole girl to chill cans of brew and soda for parties. So, I'm scrapping her out. Thought I'd come on here and offer the tower for sale. Would be perfect for that mini-fridge conversion. Tower comes with faucet, hose, coupler, gas hose and regulator. Hose will need at least a cleaning...maybe replacing. Dunno what it's worth, thinking 'bout 50 bucks plus 14.50 for postage in a flat-rate box. First to reply here with an email address gets it. Paypal ok, Check or MO take a few days to clear.


PS. link to pic below:
Tower's gone. Buddy of mine is going to buy it to use for a trash can kegerator.

Ok, my flake of a friend never came up with the bucks for this, so it available again.

Nobody want?? I'm taking a bunch of stuff to the goodwill next week.....gonna toss this in with it.