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Jun 4, 2015
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There seems to be very conflicting opinions on whether to use champage yeast or some sort of neutral-ish ale yeast to achieve the desired dryness. I've had to deal with this especially with saisons. Just wondering if there is a general consensus around here.
I'd first look at what you are doing wrong with your saisons that they don't finish dry.
What yeast, what grist, what mash temperature, pitch rate, oxygenation, fermentation temp?
Personally, I'm not a fan of using champagne yeast because it has a competitive factor that inhibits beer yeast and only eats simple sugars well. It does tolerate high alcohol levels, though.
As far as yeast I would be thinking about pitching a starter at high krausen, using a fresh yeast cake from another batch, or blending with a drier batch in hopes that diluting the sweetness and perhaps the other yeast will help finish. For saisons I love Wyeast 3711- hard to make it finish above roughly 1.005 regardless of what you do.
Typically I don't change my yeast to get a drier beer. Usually I modify me mash schedule to create more fermentables or I add dextrose or some other 100% fermentable sugar. For me, yeast choice is primarily dictated by flavor profile and my fermenting temps.

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