Best way to ship a keg?

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May 2, 2007
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Just scored four free pin lock cornies from my brother in Colorado. I'm in Texas. Any suggestions on how to ship them? Find a box that fits all four, pad them a little and go?

Anybody ever pack a corny in a suitcase and fly with it in checked luggage? I'm flying up there in a few weeks, and think I could get at least two in an extra suitcase. The price tag of that option is very appealing :) Thoughts?

Also, anybody know the empty weight of corny keg?

Empty cornies don't weigh much (it's pretty thin metal). I'd wager what, seven or eight pounds, tops? They can't be TOO much to ship, I bought four from NB about a year ago and they shipped them out to me (in one big box) for about $20. Free's obviously better than $20, but still, not too bad.
If you fly them (empty) as checked luggage, take the lids as part of your carry on.

If you fly them back full, It's anyone's guess.

I'd anticipate an TSA agent opening it and never getting a proper seal.
They wouldn't be pleased with it being pressurized.
I'd leak and then the airline would refuse it.
Do you really want to try and get them through airport security? I'm sure a 20-40 dollar shipping charge isn't going to break you considering you got the cornies for free.
I don't think it's an issue at all empty with the lids off.

If you leave the lids on they will not proabably not get attached back on correctly.

They'll get lost.
UPS has decent rates on large items.. it may show up as oversize if the total of all the box dimensions is over like 70"... but it'll still be under like 30 bucks.

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