Best of Craigslist...Chili beer giveaway!

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Oh, man, I remember the first and only time I tried that horrible stuff. It's been something like 14 years! I can't believe they still make it! I got a whole one down, but I'd sooner put my nuts in a golf ball washer before I ever even thought about another one.

My habanero ale is getting rave reviews. I have never had cave creek's brews however. It may very well be crap.
Believe me, Cheezy, it's crap. I love chili beers, and have had some that made me want a cigarette after finishing. With this one, besides the fact that it's just scorching, tasted bad. And, if I still wanted that cigarette the naxt day, I could've lit it with my arse.

Alright, TexLaw, that's TWO, yes TWO visual images I'll be lasering out of my cortex tonight.

Bring me my pickle fork!

I like the addendum about melting his drain pipes. :D

That's hilarious, Tex, I'm seriously turning red I'm laughing so hard. You get an A+.